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Patented New material: forged ball serize

  • Diameterφ20-150mm
  • ApplicationApplied in all kinds of mines, cement plants, power station and chemistry industries.
  • Product Introduction

      The forged grinding steel ball has its advantage in surface、impact resistance、 toughness、low breakage and low out-of-round rate. We use the most advanced forging methods and the advanced equipment to press onto the steel raw material ,so as to obtain the forging piece with certain mechanical properties, shape and size.

      By forging, the defects of casting porosity can be eliminated, and the microstructure can be optimized. At the same time, the mechanical properties of the forgings are better than those of the castings of the same materials because of the preservation of the complete metal streamline. Choosing the most wear-resistant metal materials is very important for producing Forged Steel Ball.  Our company independently R & D HM series wear-resistant alloy steel materials, it can be adapted to various types of forged steel ball.

      Forged Steel Ball has its feature of grinding cost-effective, long service life, low breakage, low out-of-round rate and other features won the majority of mine users, such as the international mining giant Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Anglo-gold Corporation, etc. They are all using our new material forged steel ball.

      We compare the cast steel ball with the forged steel ball. The results show that the wear of the steel ball is reduced and there is no out-of-round crushing, and the amount of ball used for grinding a ton of ore is reduced by 20% to 30% .