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Main products: Forged steel ball、Heat-treated grinding rod、Liner for mills、Casting iron ball、Casting Cylperbs、Forged steel cylperbs、Carbon steel ball、patented production line for forged ball、patented production line for grinding rod;

Heat-treated Grinding rod serizes

  • DiameterDia40-120mm,Length 2-6m
  • ApplicationApplying in Coal chemistry, silicon mine, aluminum mine and other mineral processing industries.
  • Product Introduction

      At present, some mines and plants are still using traditional round bars for grinding rod mills. But the traditional round bars are just raw materials without any heat-treatment. So their hardness is low and elementary, and has bad performance. Due to these defects, the consumption of the round bar is big, and easily to bent/ break/intertwined together and directly result in low output and difficult to depressing by magnetic separation. Our company adopts HM new material, and we use patented grinding rod production line to ensure the high hardness, and straightness of the grinding rods. We can also produce according to the clients’ requirement.  At the same time, the utility of the material prolongs the service life, improves the production efficiency of the rod mill, saves the production cost and lightens the labor force of the workers.

      Features of the Grinding Rod: Low consumption, high hardness (HRC48-55) ,good wear resistance, and after quenching and tempering, it removes the internal stress, and greatly improving the quality.  It has good wear resistance, and saving costs for mine users.

      Grinding rod ordering process: Communicating with customers and asking for the requirements (such as length, diameter, quantity and other parameters)-- steel plant order raw materials-- raw materials on-site inspection—produce- inspection with professional equipment( hardness, impact value, drop test, etc.)- Ready for Deilivery.

      After 35 years of research and development of wear-resistant materials, the technical indicators of forged steel balls and heat-treated steel grinding rods produced by our company are leading domestic and reaching international standards.